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Gifts for the fitness lover


Women that love going to the gym need several exercise clothes, unless they do laundry every day. Black base tights are something that every exercising woman need and is can be combined with everything ells in the closet. You also need different types of tops based on mood and body type, some love to weat tight tops whereas some prefer A-line shaped and loose tops. Some days you want to wear something basic and some days you just want to wear something that stands out from the crowd. Put together a little kit and it will be a loved and appreciated gift for the fitness lover.


 1. Spot crop, 649 kr 2. Fitness pants, 699 kr. 3. Base bra , 299 kr.
4. Air tank, 349 kr. 5. Xds racerback, 349 kr. 6. Spot tank, 449 kr. 

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