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Exercise indoors!

When the rain is pouring down outside most of us are not inclined to head out for a run in the woods. Luckily you can get a good workout without even leaving the house. Below you will find some simple exercises that you can do at home with a wall and a chair as your only tools!

Simple exercises without equipment

There are several exercises that you can do without going to the gym or acquiring expensive equipment, Below you will find four exercises that workout both the small and large muscle groups in your body. Do it at your own pace and remember that it is better to do the exercises slowly and with the correct technique than loosing your posture. Good luck!


Plank with knee to torso movement

Place your hands on the chair and place your feet as far back as you can. Pull one leg at a time towards your chest and put it back on the floor. Do it at your own pace and if you think it's too easy increase the pace.



Put you hand at the edge of the chair with your fingers forward. Lower yourself down by bending our arms and then push yourself back up. Do it at your own pace without touching the floor. Bend your legs to make it easier and keep them straight to make it harder.



Sit down on a chair and then stand up. The next time just barely touch your bottom to the chair before you stand back up. If you would like to make it a bit more difficult extend your arms over your head or do the exercise without the chair.


wall sit

Stand against the wall and lower yourself down until your knees and hip are at a 90 degree angle. Push your back towards the wall keep the angle during the entire exercise.Try to sit longer each time you do the exercise! 


Workout your legs and bottom with lunges! If you do them backwards it is easier on your knees. Step backwards and lower your knee to the ground while you keep the majority of the weight on the front leg. Then push back to standing position and do the same with the other leg!

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